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Evolution... Successful brands acknowledge that the methods of marketing and brand communication have evolved.

Conversations that provide reward or engagement over and above the message itself are now the currency of survival. The days of limited channel, one way media are past.
2Fish was founded to evolve our clients into the world of immersive brand experiences that strengthen connections between brands and their audiences. As a media neutral agency, we ask ‘what will achieve the best result’ and turn our skills to delivering that experience flawlessly.

Engagement is our goal...Understanding what engages people is core to our business.
2Fish solutions are created and executed to be multi-sensory Brand Experiences. Our work gets people talking...

We communicate. We communicate with emotion. We communicate facts, thoughts and feelings that – ultimately - build businesses.

2Fish have grown to become one of the foremost strategic and creative brand experience creators in Australia. Collectively, we have decades of marketing experience, partnering with some of the worlds largest and most respected brands.

We have created unique brand experiences at trade expos, within custom built pantechnicon trucks, out on the street, as part of major events corporate sponsorships, or inside the most exclusive venues imaginable.

Simply, we do whatever it takes to achieve a marketer’s objectives, finding modern solutions to traditional problems. If we can’t find what we want, we’ll invent it.

We design, create and we deliver anywhere in the world.

2Fish client partnerships include: L’Oreal, Emirates, Dulux, Red Bull, Saab, Mercedes Benz, AAMI and Garnier to name a few.

Contact Caroline Ryan or Adam Mortimer on 03 9827 4466 to discuss our work, or perhaps your brands evolution.

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2Fish Management
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Email: info@2fish.com.au

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